Executive and Leadership Coaching Tailored to Your Unique Goals

Strategic Leadership Advisor

Are you an executive frustrated with any of these challenges:

Your executive team lacks trust among its members, which is evident to the workforce and slows down innovation?

You have high turnover of key talent, which comes at a high cost (time and resources) and drain of institutional knowledge?

Everyone used to get along in the earlier stage of the company, which might indicate your company now has a toxic culture?

Clients from biotechs and beyond come to me to solve those issues in ways that have a direct impact on performance and the bottom line. Helping you have a fully engaged and committed workforce, which allows for greater innovation, getting drugs approved and to the patient, products and services to the market faster. As CEO and Founder of Vision to Reality Coaching®, I partner with leaders to get their executive team on the same page about strategy and execution, while also creating and leading a truly engaged workforce.

Debra Fowler:

“Bryan’s coaching embodies a harmonious mix of patience and persistence. This balance, along with Bryan’s exceptional ability to truly listen, has enabled our team to identify priorities and responsibilities, build a structure of accountability and respect, and focus on reasonable strategies to elevate and sustain a healthy organization.”


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Change is a growth opportunity, and change means new experience. Change can also overwhelm and change can intimidate. No matter what you do, or in what industry, we help you navigate change.

But, there is no forward without change. So embrace, and take charge of your change.



Bryan brings decades of health care industry experience, technical knowledge, flexibility and intuitive awareness to his Leadership Advisor practice. When you work with Bryan, you identify your strengths, challenge your potential, seize growth opportunities, address areas for development, bring clarity to your vision and execute on that vision. He works with clients on everything from career development, influence, communication style, to changes in geography, logistics, and family. Bryan is also able to develop and drive effective team dynamics while cultivating and building a culture of trust and respect that allows for teams to excel in their purpose.


Whatever your vision, you have the experience, and skills to be successful. You can make your vision a reality. That’s where we come in.

We focus on your strengths.

Those you know and those you may not see . . .

Because you are more valuable than you think.

You ARE able to contribute, using skills and expertise in a new, more creative and unexpected way.

Together, we look at development opportunities, and how to access untapped talents.

What else do you have to offer? Where can you expand your skill set? How can you promote your talents?

At Vision to Reality Coaching®, we help you succeed AND discover your full potential.

Our goal is to help you:

  • Keep the mission at the center of everything you do
  • Maximize your personal and professional potential that yield measurable results
  • Enhance your thinking and decision-making skills
  • Increase interpersonal effectiveness and “executive presence”
  • Improve decision-making and acting strategically
  • Gain confidence and ability to promote your skills and talent
  • Create the vision that is right for you

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