5 Essential Strategies to Lead Others

Team in a conference room with a woman writing on whiteboard

When teams have an effective leader, they are more productive, with higher job satisfaction, and lower turnover. There are many ways to be an effective leader. Different situations require different skills.

Use these 5 essential strategies to lead others:

  1. Avoid micromanaging. Micromanaging is the least effective way to lead others and is a waste of your time as a leader. Help your team feel empowered, make sure they have the resources and skills to deliver and get out of their way. Micro-mangers lead to unhappy employees and possible loss of critical team members.
  2. Active listening. When you are actively listening, you aren’t thinking about something else, distracted, or forming your answer before the person has even finished. You are paying attention to what the person is saying and taking in the information they are sharing.
  3. Make sure your team has clear direction and responsibility. When a team knows what the objective is, the outcome, and their responsibilities they can do what you are asking of them and deliver.
  4. Communicate often. They are the experts that you depend on to deliver. Your communicating the information they need to make decisions helps the team deliver. Also, make sure they know you appreciate what they are doing, the importance of it, and you have their back.
  5. Admit mistakes. We all make mistakes, that is how we learn. Own up and figure out the learnings and do the same with your team.

Leading is about helping your team feel empowered to do great things for you and the company. Find the solution that works in that moment and lead.

If you would like help with your leadership, please reach out.