5 Tips on Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Woman peaking through an opening between two boards

A year plus into this pandemic, I still most days wake up and think about the movie “Groundhog Day.” Here we go again, wash, rinse, repeat. Ok, that has definitely increased one’s stress and anxiety. I continue to remind myself; I have never lived through such a time like this in my life. So, it’s understandable and quite normal to be experiencing extra stress and anxiety during these unprecedented times. Everyone’s still under one roof: kids, spouses, girlfriend/boyfriend, grandparents, and let’s not forget the pets. Just a walk outside can heighten anxiety because not everyone gets or understands what social distancing means, not to mention a trip to the grocery store. Talk about increased stress and anxiety.

It’s more important than ever to continue to take care of yourself. Self-care is critical, especially during these times. Also, remind yourself, I have no prior experience of dealing with a situation like this. I’m reminded of a saying I’ve heard many times, “we’re building the plane while we’re flying it.” No truer words have been said. Trial and error. Keep what works and learn from the things that don’t. Once we are out of this pandemic, remember to keep using these tips to help reduce your stress.

Here are 5 tips on reducing stress:

  • This pandemic is temporary. When you start to feel anxious, remind yourself this is temporary. This too shall pass. This also applies to any problem or issue. It is temporary.
  • Control the things you can. Remember that you have no control over what is happening outside your front door. We are all doing what is required to help save lives. That is the only part we have control over. Don’t worry about the things you can’t control. Concentrate on those things you do have control over.
  • Exercise. Even if it is just walking around the living room. Chase the kids or the dog around the room. Get up and move!
  • Keep a routine. Routines are important for us humans. It’s tempting to not do what you normally do during a workweek, and yet, it’s critical to get up and do what you normally did prior to coronavirus.
  • Laugh. Watch or read something that will at a minimum bring a smile to your face. Humor is the best medicine. Stress and anxiety can’t exist when you’re laughing.

The vaccines are starting to make a difference. We are going to get through this. The finish line is getting closer and closer. Use these tips to continue to reduce your stress and know you are not alone. Take care and stay well!

Please reach out if you would like help reducing your stress.