7 Ways to Embrace Change


What is it about change that freaks us out and keeps us stuck? We’ve done our due diligence, we want this change and yet, something is preventing us from making it.


Change can be scary. Change is about the unknown, or figuring out a new way of doing things. Learning to accept change at work is critical to being successful in your career and in life. Dealing with “changes” to your normal work procedures can be frustrating, unwanted, and even intimidating, yet change can bring many positive elements to an active working environment and life.


What can you do to welcome change at your job and in life with confidence and an adventuresome spirit?


Consider these suggestions to guide you towards embracing workplace and life changes with excitement:


Stop and Breathe

After hearing about the change, take a moment and analysis what the change is about.


Quiet the Voices in Your Head

Try and think about the change as an opportunity. What can you gain from this experience.


Boss’s perspective

Think about the change from your boss’s perspective. How will this change improve productivity, or team cohesion.


Turn negative to positive

Don’t make the change about yourself. 9 times out of 10, the change has nothing to do with you. What are the opportunities for you.


Embrace the positive possibilities

Your work situation might actually improve because of the new changes. Even though it might take some time to experience, you’ll most likely see some positive results emerge from the adjustments in your work environment.


Help reduce workplace negativity about the change

Avoid lengthy discussions with co-workers about changes in the workplace, especially if your peers are focusing on negativity related to the changes.


Have confidence that you can handle any change

Remind yourself that you strive for excellence in your work, regardless of the situation.


Life is about change. It is happening around us all the time. Embrace ChangeStart thinking about any change in your life as positive. What can you learn from this opportunity. Yes, you can embrace change at work and in life with positivity, confidence, and patience!

Please reach out if you would like help embracing your change, happy to help!