Stopping Self-Sabotage

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As leaders and managers, we often find ourselves in situations where we are our own worst enemy. We stand in our own way, sabotaging our own success. Self-sabotage is when we consciously or unconsciously prevent ourselves from reaching our goals. You can change your self-limiting beliefs by identifying them, understanding why you hold them, and…

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Strategies to Develop and Strengthen Your Leadership Skills

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Some people assume that being a boss or manager automatically makes them a great leader. I think we all know that isn’t true. The difference between a boss and a leader is that a boss merely manages their team, while a leader inspires and motivates them to achieve incredible things. Developing and strengthening leadership skills…

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Create Goals, Not Resolutions for 2023

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How many times have you made a New Year’s resolution on December 31st at midnight with all the intention of making it a reality? And then, it doesn’t happen. Or you know friends and family that make New Year’s resolutions every year and every year they don’t make them happen. There is a reason for…

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Holiday Stress and Tips to Lower It

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Shopping, cooking, decorating, having family and friends over, can be stressful in itself, and yet, it all builds on top of our everyday stress. Holiday stress and tips to lower it can be an opportunity to rethink how you celebrate the holidays. Use these tips to lower your stress during the holidays to make sure…

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What About Our Culture With a Hybrid Workforce?

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Just being in the office isn’t enough to create culture. Culture takes intention and I am hearing from many executives, “What about our culture? With a hybrid workforce, I can’t maintain our culture.” My question back is, “why can’t you?” Their answer, “It is too hard.” They are not wrong. It is new and anything…

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How to Shake Off Summer Brain

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Unofficially, when we pass the Labor Day holiday, summer is in the rear-view mirror and fall is ahead. Yet, our attitude shifts a little during summer. We are outdoors more enjoying the weather, vacations/stay vacations happen, if you have kids, they’re out of school, socializing with friends and family. It is normal for this “summer…

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Tips to Help Get Promoted

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Ready to get promoted? Use these tips to help get promoted. You have decided you want a promotion and are ready for a change and more responsibly. How do you go about getting promoted? Some questions to ask yourself first. Do you think you want to manage people? Are you more of a contributor and…

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Counter Zoom Fatigue With These Tips

Woman at table on zoom call

We all know now that zoom fatigue is real. With every day full of zoom meetings week after week 5 days a week, it is exhausting. You are not able to have the usual eye-to-eye contact; the person speaking is looking into the camera while everyone else is looking lower at their video. There is…

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How to Be Successful With Your New Manager

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Whether your manager is new because of a new job or because they are the new manager at your current work, it’s important to get off to a good start. If you make a good first impression and forge a productive working relationship, you could deepen your job satisfaction and advance your career. Try these…

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