Make Your New Year’s Resolution a Reality

Calendar closeup on Christmas Eve/New Year's Evewith orange maker

2020. A year that none of us could have imagined. I can’t even begin to figure out how to process 2020. Much less my feelings. I think it will be sometime before I can lower my defense walls to allow that to happen. The sheer loss alone is unimaginable. We all have suffered such emotional…

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Tips to Lowering Your Stress During the Holidays

Wrapping paper and text saying happy holidays

The coronavirus has altered how we normally would celebrate the holidays, to say the least. It hasn’t though taken away all the preparations for the holiday season. Because of these added things to juggle along with our everyday lives, the holidays usually bring extra stress, and with the COVID-19 level of stress we are all…

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How Coronavirus Is Humanizing Corporate America

Father working on bed with laptop and daughter on his back

Since coronavirus hit and started our adapting to working from home, it has had a very unusual side effect. It has humanized corporate America. When we were all going into the office, we would leave our personal life at home, for the most part, and put on our professional life and go to work. Put…

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Leading Through Pandemic Exhaustion


Your employees are exhausted. You are exhausted. It is not just COVID-19 that is making everyone exhausted. Everyone appears to be on or near the edge. The consistent increase in daily stress is unrelenting this year. The 2020 election, no matter which side you are on, adds to the stress. Social unrest adds to the…

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Who’s the Boss? Switch Your Mindset: You Are

iPad on dest with the words the boss

That’s right. Even if you are employed full-time, you are the boss of your career. Shifting your mindset to you are the boss, allows you to view yourself through a different lens to empower yourself, take control of your career, even your life. Thinking of yourself as the CEO of your own company allows you…

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Do You Have Direct Reports? You Lead Teams

Woman at Whiteboard in a team meeting

All leaders, managers, anyone that has someone that reports to them, leads teams which in turn creates team leaders. I say that as a way to reframe how leaders think of themselves. When you think of yourself as a team leader this allows for a completely different lens to view your direct reports. Yes, they…

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Strategies for Managing Up

African American woman and Caucasian women sitting across from each other at an office desk

Managing up sometimes gets a bad rap. You’re not in elementary school anymore where you might have been made fun of, called a “suck up” or the “Teacher’s Pet.” This is a critical skill set in the corporate world and important to your career and job satisfaction. Whether you have the best manager in the…

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Summer Brain – How to Shake It Off

Sunset on the Beach

Unofficially, when we pass the Labor Day holiday, summer is in the rear-view mirror and fall is ahead. During these COVID-19 times, the workload seems to only get bigger and the days longer. Yet, our attitude shifts a little during summer. We are outdoors more enjoying the weather, vacations/stay-vacations happen, if you have kids, they’re…

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Ready to Get Promoted? Tips to Help

Man In Suit Extending Hand Out

Ready to get promoted? You have decided you want a promotion and are ready for a change and more responsibly. How do you go about getting promoted? Some questions to ask yourself first. Do you think you want to manage people? Are you more of a contributor and don’t want to manage people? Really think…

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