6 Strategies to Leave Work Stress Behind

Man pushing over boxes that have words on them

April is Stress Awareness Month. The definition of stress: “a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation.” The part of that definition that we want to pay attention to is “may be a factor in disease causation.” It is important to remember that…

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Is Fear Preventing You from Achieving Your Goals?

dog on trail blocked by fallen tree

Does attaining your goals seem harder than it should be? Is fear preventing you from achieving your goals? If you feel challenged to achieve your desires, you may be listening to those negative “self-talk” voices in your head, known as fear, telling you that you can’t achieve your goals. It is important to remember, you…

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Top 6 Ways to Ensure You Reach Your Goals

plan spelled out

The New Year is the perfect time to start fresh. If there’s any aspect of your life that you’d like to improve, set clear and realistic goals for yourself that will help you get there. Try using these top 6 ways to ensure you reach your 2022 goals. Take It Slow – Work towards your…

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How to Counter Zoom Fatigue

Woman on zoom meeting

We all know now that Zoom fatigue is real. With the continued every day full of zoom meetings week after week 5 days a week is exhausting. You are not able to have the usual eye to eye contact; the person speaking is looking into the camera while everyone else is looking lower at their…

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Is a Hybrid Workforce Here to Stay?

Office space with 2 workers

The short answer is yes for most companies in some form. We all know how difficult the last year has been. Rapid shifts in how and where we work was forced on all of us. We also learned that this brought opportunities on many levels. One is no commute time. On the other hand, it…

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Top Traits of Successful People

Group with arms around each other bentover looking into camera

Even though successful people all share certain traits, they’re not super-human traits. You can identify and develop these traits in yourself if you truly want to succeed. Yes, with hard work and determination, you can become a successful person! In your journey to achieve your goals, you will have setbacks and challenges. We all face…

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5 Tips on Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Woman peaking through an opening between two boards

A year plus into this pandemic, I still most days wake up and think about the movie “Groundhog Day.” Here we go again, wash, rinse, repeat. Ok, that has definitely increased one’s stress and anxiety. I continue to remind myself; I have never lived through such a time like this in my life. So, it’s…

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5 Essential Strategies to Lead Others

Team in a conference room with a woman writing on whiteboard

When teams have an effective leader, they are more productive, with higher job satisfaction, and lower turnover. There are many ways to be an effective leader. Different situations require different skills. Use these 5 essential strategies to lead others: Avoid micromanaging. Micromanaging is the least effective way to lead others and is a waste of…

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