Part 2 – Are There Advantages to Being a Skillful Leader?

Becoming the Leader

Yes, there are advantages to being a skillful leader. Being an effective leader benefits your employer, your employability, your satisfaction at work, and those you lead will trust you more. Even if you don’t currently hold a leadership position at work, there are many reasons to begin strengthening your leadership skills today.

Advantages of being a skilled leader:

  1. You’re more valuable to your employer. Most new leaders are unfortunately not taught how to be an effective leader and they are unwilling to put in the time and effort in doing it themselves. Making this investment in yourself gives you a huge edge over your competitors. When you are an effective leader, your employees have more work satisfaction, less turnover, and better productivity.
  2. You’re more attractive to other employers. Having an updated resume and LinkedIn profile that highlights your leadership skills, attracts recruiters with possible job opportunities to help you move up, make more money, or get out from under that leader who doesn’t have good skills.
  3. Leadership skills can positively affect your personal life. As a leader, you know how to influence others. People are more likely to treat you with respect and benefit your community.
  4. Being a good leader can enhance your confidence. When you’re successful at leading others, you develop social confidence. A higher level of confidence can pay off in every facet of life. This confidence is helpful when dealing with friends, family, and your direct reports. Confidence attracts others and builds trust.

Becoming a better leader will create more employment opportunities, increase your value to your employer and direct reports. Growing your leadership skills may be the most effective way to improve your employment prospects and your bank account.

Stay tuned, as I continue to explore all the components involved that you can use on your path to becoming the leader you want to be in this six-part series on “Becoming the Leader You Know You Want to Be.”

Part 3 in this series looks at what qualities are shared by great leaders.

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