Part 4 – How Leaders Contribute to Others

Becoming the Leader

Being a skilled leader doesn’t just benefit you and your employer, it benefits the people that report to you. Effective leaders help their direct reports stretch, grow, and be successful. Leaders provide many benefits to their team members.

How leaders contribute to others:

  1. Take responsibility. When mistakes happen, leaders take ownership. It is important to not blame others. Instead, have a debrief of what went wrong and tease out the learnings so everyone grows from the mistake.
  2. Create a vision and provide clarity. Everyone looks to the leader for direction. Having a vision for where you want the team to go and providing clarity for the team to deliver on that vision is critical for success. Without that, people will struggle.
  3. Inspire. Inspiration is critical to the success of others. Helping others believe in themselves as well as the project creates more productive and effective employees.
  4. Are supportive. An effective leader provides the support, encouragement, and resources needed for others to be at their best. They demonstrate genuine interest and concern for others.
  5. Instill confidence. By instilling confidence in others, helps them believe they can deliver on the project or whatever is asked. Making someone feel confident in their abilities is a gift that an effective leader provides.

When you incorporate these 5 skills into your leadership style, you increase employee engagement, as well as employee satisfaction. At the end of the day, you can feel like you made a difference.

Stay tuned, as I continue to explore all the components involved that you can use on your path to becoming the leader you want to be in this six-part series on “Becoming the Leader You Know You Want to Be.”

Part 5 in this series looks at can introverts be effective leaders.

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