Reminder to Do These Things When Working Remotely

Male with a laptop sitting on the couch working.

I wrote this blog a year ago when this pandemic started. Now that it has been a year and remote working, in some form, will be with us moving forward, I thought it a good time to remind all us who work remotely to confirm we are still doing these things or reminder to get back in the habit.

Working from home can be challenging, especially when the whole family is home with you and you don’t have a dedicated space, and everyone is coming and going interrupting your work. Take a deep breath and do these things when working remotely to help you be more productive, focused, and calm.

Reminder to do these things when working remotely:

  • Set a schedule. It is important to keep a similar schedule to what your normal workday is. This helps you keep your focus and productivity.
  • Change clothes. It is tempting to just get your cup of coffee and dive into your day. Resist. Act like it is a normal workday, do your getting-ready for work routine and then start your commute even though it is just to another room in your house.
  • Create your office space. Preferably find a space that has a door. Make it as ergonomically appropriate as possible. Let everyone in the house know this is your workspace and please do not interrupt you unless it is urgent.
  • Limit distractions. No tv, no checking social media, or house chores.
  • Take Breaks. Studies show that taking a break every hour for 5 minutes helps you clear your mind and refocus on the task at hand with a fresh perspective. If you want you can use your breaks to check social media, run a load of laundry, take a quick walk. Do take a break from your work. Do not skip it if at all possible.
  • Avoid the temptation to do house chores. It is so tempting to think, “Let me get a load of laundry going.” Avoid those temptations as much as you can. They pull your focus away and are interruptions to your workday. If you can’t, try and only do them during your breaks.
  • End your workday as usual. It is tempting to answer a few more emails, make a quick call, knowing you don’t have your regular commute. Resist. Do your reverse commute out of your office and back into your home routine.

Staying calm and using these tips will help you stay focused on your work, maintain your productivity, and not on what is happening outside your home during these unprecedented times. You are not alone in this and stay connected with your co-workers and community virtually.

If you would like help with how you are working remotely, please reach.