Strategies to Build Support Between You and Colleagues

Strategies to Build Support Between You and Colleagues

With everything that is going on, it is even more important to build support between you and your colleagues. It’s easy to get caught up in the competitive pressure and heavy workloads which in turn cause tension. Strategies to building support between you and colleagues involve developing supportive relationships with your coworkers. The good news is that providing emotional and social support during these challenging times creates a bond with colleagues that will continue once everyone gets back in the office.

The Benefits of Building Support in the Workplace:

  • More happiness. When you feel supported by colleagues and them you, it brings less tension and more happiness when you have each other’s back
  • Better health. Studies show that stress can cause issues with your health.
  • Boost your productivity. Teamwork requires empathy and trust. Challenging projects become less daunting when everyone works together effectively.
  • Advance your career. Professional success depends on emotional intelligence and social skills as much as technical knowledge. Cover all your bases. Work on your communication skills along with your software certifications.

How to Build Support in the Workplace:

  • Acknowledge your coworkers. Don’t have your head in your smartphone as you are moving around the office. Say hello when passing your colleagues in the hallway or run into them in the break room.
  • Show interest. Ask the receptionist how her son’s soccer game went. Welcome others back from vacation or sick leave.
  • Active Listening. Active listening shows respect for the person talking and allows you to be really engaged with that person. Provide your colleague with your full attention rather than being distracted with emails or figuring out your rebuttal. Also, say, “this is what I heard you say, is that correct?”
  • Give compliments. Remember to thank people for their efforts and let them know what you appreciate about them.
  • Slow down. Take time to get to know your colleagues. It takes time to build trust.
  • Be flexible. Unless there is a hard deadline that is coming up fast, it is important to let everyone give their opinion during meetings, during a brainstorming session, or even a quick chat.
  • Let go of expectations. You probably have coworkers who will remember your birthday, but occasionally make comments that seem to undermine you. Accept both the strengths and weaknesses of your coworkers. Focus on treating others well and consider it a bonus if they reciprocate.
  • Fulfill your responsibilities. Excelling at your own job is one of the best ways to be there for your coworkers. Think about those who depend on your performance and how you can create a great experience for them.

Work involves maintaining relationships as well as projects. The more attention you give relationships, the better everyone’s work environment becomes. It helps everyone feel they are not alone and are supported by their colleagues, which provides for a more relaxed, creative place for all to do their job to the best of their ability. Take care and stay safe during these unprecedented times!

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