Summer Brain – How to Shake It Off

Sunset on the Beach

Unofficially, when we pass the Labor Day holiday, summer is in the rear-view mirror and fall is ahead. During these COVID-19 times, the workload seems to only get bigger and the days longer. Yet, our attitude shifts a little during summer. We are outdoors more enjoying the weather, vacations/stay-vacations happen, if you have kids, they’re out of school, socializing with friends and family. It is normal for this “summer brain” to happen. When fall arrives, things shift back to a more focused mode of operation. Making that transition can present some struggle. Use these tips to help shake off summer brain.

  • Get your routine back in shape. Having a routine is important any time and more important when you want to shake off summer brain. One way is getting up at the same time every day. Another is taking a walk at the same time every day. Find what works for your routine.
  • Clear your mind. Take 10 minutes before you start your day to clear your mind. Use techniques like meditation, or other techniques that work for you. This helps you make the shift from home life to work life. For those that WFH, we lost the commute time when we were able to make the shift and now, you have to build that transition into your routine.
  • Review your schedule for the day. This helps you know what will be happening during the day and allows you to plan for it. It also helps you to keep your day on track.
  • Make a to-do list. Put your most important priorities at the top and less important ones later in your day. Make this to-do list at the end of your day for the next day. Double-check it at the beginning of your day in case things have changed or priorities have shifted.
  • Breathe. Take 1 minute every hour of your day to stop and take a series of deep breaths to calm yourself, release stress, and refocus.

Remember, summer brain is normal. Putting these tips into action will help you shake off summer brain and get your routine back in shape. And don’t worry, before you know it, it will be time for holiday brain.

If you would like help shaking off your summer brain, please reach out!