Is a Hybrid Workforce Here to Stay?

Office space with 2 workers

The short answer is yes for most companies in some form. We all know how difficult the last year has been. Rapid shifts in how and where we work was forced on all of us. We also learned that this brought opportunities on many levels. One is no commute time. On the other hand, it…

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Corporate America Is at a Crossroads

Country Dirt Road Intersection

Which side of history is your company going to be on? Flexibility or rigid structure? As leaders, we have ample evidence that remote working is achievable on a large scale over the last year. With COVID-19 forcing us all to shelter in place, that left no alternative but to work from home. That, for the…

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Tips to Counter Zoom Fatigue

Woman on zoom meeting

Zoom fatigue is real. It seemed novel in the beginning, but now with week after week of 8-10 hours a day 5 days a week it is exhausting. You are not able to have the usual eye to eye contact; the person speaking is looking into the camera while everyone else is looking lower at…

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