Transforming Organizations One Team at a Time™

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The Challenge for Today’s Teams:

  • Becoming more than the sum of their parts
  • Managing expectations of internal and external stakeholders
  • Running the business today and transforming it for tomorrow
  • Being members of multiple teams
  • Working with Virtual, International and Multicultural teams
  • Needing to be more agile, while adapting and innovating faster
  • Creating alignment and engagement
  • Creating focus along with purpose
  • Communicating what is happening between the connections outside and inside the team

Clients from all types of businesses come to me to solve those issues in ways that have a direct impact on performance and the bottom line. Helping you have a fully engaged and committed workforce, which allows for greater innovation, products and services to the market faster, and ready for what tomorrow brings.

As a certified Systemic Team Coach®, I partner with team leaders to get their teams on the same page about strategy and execution, while also creating and leading a truly engaged workforce.

“Not finance. Not Strategy. Not Technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.” Patrick Lencioni

Systemic Team Coaching® is:

Coaching the whole team in workshops and live during their team meetings, coaching the team leader, and engaging stakeholders so the team can be:

  • Future – back, outside – in focused. Helping the team think about who they serve and how they will serve them in the future, not just today.
  • Is clear about its purpose
  • Functions as more than the sum of its parts
  • More effectively partners with all its stakeholders
  • Becoming a learning team to learn together in order to innovate in anticipation of the future

A high performing team is a place of arrival, versus a high value team focuses on outcomes, impact, and the value the team creates for others.

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Some Key Questions Teams Need to Ask Themselves:

  • Who and what does our work serve?
  • What do our future stakeholders need from us as a team?
  • Who isn’t in the room that needs to be?
  • Whose support or sponsorship do we need to operate at our best?
  • What can we achieve by collaborating together that we cannot achieve by working in parallel?
  • What patterns and behaviors drive or hinder our collective performance?
  • Who do we need to partner better with and how?
  • How can we learn fast enough to keep ahead of change?
  • What do we need to do today to ensure we thrive tomorrow?
  • How do we take collective leadership?


Systemic Team Coaching’s® Value to Businesses:

  • Enables the team to reframe and enhance the way it relates to and serves its business environment, which means placing as much emphasis on how it leads change with its stakeholders as how it functions internally.
  • By not only focusing on the team’s internal relationships and functioning (the focus of much ‘team building’ work), the team coach works with the team helping them to co-create value in their engagement with their stakeholders.
  • Recognizing that the biggest challenges in nearly all organizations today lie not inside the individuals, teams, or even departments, but in the connections between them.
  • Increases talent retention, satisfaction, and employee engagement.

If you are a team leader and want to learn more about Systemic Team Coaching® and how it can help you and ultimately your organization, click the button below.

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“The purpose of a team is to continuously co-create greater beneficial value, with and for all, their stakeholders.” Peter Hawkins

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