Client Testimonials


Jason Schultz

Lucasfilm Ltd

"Bryan Nadeau's services have had an extremely positive effect on my career and my confidence. When I was unemployed and going through a rough patch trying to land my next job, Bryan helped me to see other potential career paths. Through the exercises that he had me work on, I was able to visualize what mattered to me most. I'm not a big fan of the term "thinking outside the box", but I feel that this is the most apt way to describe the thought exercises he had me work on. Bryan helped me find other ways that I could use the skills that I already had and apply them to different career paths that most interested me at this point of my life.

He was also immensely helpful in teaching me how to better prepare for interviews. Before I met Bryan, I knew I had a solid resume and cover letter, since I kept getting calls for work. But when I'd do phone interviews, something always seemed to go wrong and I wasn't getting any additional interviews, let alone jobs. Bryan taught me how to best prepare myself for any job interview and helped give me the confidence to realize that I have all of the answers.

Bryan's sessions helped me land my new job, which was a dream I've had since childhood and I could not be happier!

I would highly recommend Bryan's services to anyone who is looking for a career change or needs some help fine tuning their interview skills."


Clay Angel, MD

Kaiser Permanente

"I worked with Bryan when changing jobs that also involved a move. I needed help sorting through such a complex change. Bryan helped me see both pros and cons of the job and the move. He also helped me understand the big picture and how the change would impact me and my family. He is objective, communicative and has extensive healthcare industry experience. Most importantly, he asked questions that helped me figure out, for myself, how I felt about the job and the transition. Making the choice myself for my career and my family was empowering and led to a clear direction, without doubt or resistance. If you want to make a successful change, work with Bryan."


Ashana Richards

ARC Growth

"Embarking on a new career venture in a new city was a difficult transition for me. I began working with Bryan very early on and found his support, insight and attentiveness incredibly helpful. Bryan offered me the time and space to define what I needed to do to succeed. He was able to identify old ideals I had that were holding me back and has helped me become a confident, driven entrepreneur with the ability to respond to change and make things happen."


Ivan Queiroz

Solis Coaching

"In working with Bryan, I was able to clearly come up with strategies on how to transition to my new career. Through his listening and questions, I was able to figure out the blocks that were getting in my way and was able to develop a 6-month plan of action with weekly milestones that he helped me stay accountable to and now I’m in my new career and loving it! You will love working with Bryan!"


Christine Cherian

Synchronoss Technologies

"Having had the pleasure of working with Bryan, I can share that he is a strong executive coach that makes the growth experience fun and enlightening. Bryan has the uncanny ability to know just when to ask the right questions to facilitate movement and supporting personal development.

I would recommend him to any executive who is serious about elevating their leadership path through coaching – breaking through personal barriers and navigating complex situations to achieve success. Bryan’s experience and education is a complimentary mix of business and coaching."


Tricia McCall

Mooring Stone Consulting

"Bryan was incredibly helpful to me as I was setting up my new business. As a transition coach, Bryan was able to help me recognize why I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck at times. In working with Bryan, he helped me take a step back and break the project into manageable steps where I set realistic weekly goals. Since working with Bryan, I have launched my business, working with clients, and ahead of my business plan! Bryan was great to work with!"

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