Tips to Help Get Promoted

Man In Suit Extending Hand Out

Ready to get promoted? Use these tips to help get promoted. You have decided you want a promotion and are ready for a change and more responsibly. How do you go about getting promoted? Some questions to ask yourself first. Do you think you want to manage people? Are you more of a contributor and don’t want to manage people? Really think about what the next step is, what it looks like, and what is required to do the job. Then figure out who is the hiring manager. Is it your current boss, someone in a different department, or even a different company? Getting promoted might require a move on your part to a different department or company. Make sure you are ok with that before pursuing the job.

Once you have figured those steps out use these tips to increase your chances of making that promotion happen.

  1. Be orderly and organized. Everyone should know that you have your work under control. If you’re disorganized, it gives the impression that you can’t handle your workload. Others will assume that you can’t handle more responsibility.
  2. Provide solutions. How many times have you or a co-worker complained about a problem? Stand out by bringing potential solutions to those problems. You’ll be a breath of fresh air and make a great impression. Think about the issues in your workplace and begin working on a few solutions.
  3. Ask what you can do to get promoted. Ask your boss, or their boss, what you need to do to receive a promotion. You’ll be one of the few that have ever asked. And if you follow the suggestions given, your boss might feel more inclined to give you that promotion.
  4. Speak up at meetings. How many co-workers have you heard complain about too many meetings, or just sit there and don’t contribute anything? Avoid being one of them. Pay attention, ask relevant questions, provide a comment once in a while that pertains to the conversation. Don’t be afraid to participate. It shows you have come prepared for the meeting and ready to contribute in a positive way.
  5. Be reliable. Get your work done on time. Show up to meetings on time. Arrive at work on time. This shows your boss that they can depend on you and helps them be more comfortable with giving you more responsibility.

Put yourself in your boss’ shoes. What type of employee would you want to have and how would they go about doing their job to make your life easier as their manager? Use that insight to increase your chances of being promoted. Use that and the tips above to become that ideal employee. It is your responsibility to advance your career, not your boss, no one else’s. Be proactive and make it happen.

If you would like help making your promotion happen, please reach out!