Create Goals Instead of Resolutions in 2024

sparkles background with 2024

How many times have you made a New Year’s resolution on December 31st at midnight with all the intention of making it a reality? And then, it doesn’t happen. Or you know friends and family who make New Year’s resolutions every year and every year they don’t make them happen. There is a reason for…

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Summer Brain – How to Shake It Off

Sunset on the Beach

Unofficially, when we pass the Labor Day holiday, summer is in the rear-view mirror and fall is ahead. During these COVID-19 times, the workload seems to only get bigger and the days longer. Yet, our attitude shifts a little during summer. We are outdoors more enjoying the weather, vacations/stay-vacations happen, if you have kids, they’re…

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Tips to Counter Zoom Fatigue

Woman on zoom meeting

Zoom fatigue is real. It seemed novel in the beginning, but now with week after week of 8-10 hours a day 5 days a week it is exhausting. You are not able to have the usual eye to eye contact; the person speaking is looking into the camera while everyone else is looking lower at…

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Reasons Great Leaders Rise Early

Great Leaders Rise Early

Being successful takes a lot of dedication, determination, and preparation. You also must plan, be proactive, and set goals that you’re willing to work hard for. “It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.” Aristotle Great leaders are known to have a schedule they follow carefully.…

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Use This Technique to Accomplish More

Technique to Accomplish More

We all have busy days, with lots of interruptions, and distractions. How would you like to get a lot done and still feel refreshed when it’s time to go home? Many time management techniques have been developed over the years. Some are more effective than others. Here is a simple technique you can use to…

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Does Busy Work Help Your Productivity?

Busy Work Productivity

No. Busy work does not help your productivity. In reality, busy work prevents us from being productive. We are all guilty of finding ways to avoid doing a project or task we are not excited about doing. Busy work is a form of procrastination. Pushing that important project down to the wire. Cleaning behind the…

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How to Have a More Productive Day

More Productive Day

The more productive day you have, the more success you can experience. You also give yourself the opportunity to have more free time. Time always seems to be in short supply. If you can get more out of your day, you’re making better use of your time, hence a more productive day. Use these strategies…

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How to Protect Your Most Precious Asset

protecting most precious asset

Money and investments are certainly high on the list of precious assets. However, you can earn back money you lost or find new investment opportunities. Another precious assest is professional relationships. Your professional network is extremely important to your success. However, to a large extent, your network is in fact renewable. You can repair wounded…

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7 Ways to Embrace Change

Embrace Change

What is it about change that freaks us out and keeps us stuck? We’ve done our due diligence, we want this change and yet, something is preventing us from making it.   Change can be scary. Change is about the unknown, or figuring out a new way of doing things. Learning to accept change at…

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