You Are Your Own Competition

You Are Your Own Competition

It always has been you against yourself in this world. In fact, you hold yourself to such a high standard, that you may become exhausted trying to live up to this ideal. We think we can guess what others are thinking or worse worry about what they are thinking, setting us up with assumptions and no facts.

For example: texting a friend and they don’t respond within your acceptable time frame. You start thinking, are they mad at me, did I say something wrong, or…… You get the picture. And I’m sure you’ve never gone down a path like that. Right? When in reality, they were busy, didn’t have their phone with them, any number of things that had nothing to do with you. This happens in all aspects of your life. Think about how much time that wastes. When you find yourself going down that rabbit hole, pull back out and remember you have no idea what or why something is happening or not. Don’t assume.

You are likely doing much better than you think, even exceeding other people’s expectations. Remember asking or checking in can simplify and clear up any misunderstandings.

Step back and gain a new perspective to see how much you have accomplished. Give yourself some slack to know there is no such thing as perfect. So, stop trying to reach perfection and embrace your imperfections. Honor the fact that you are a beautiful and complicated work in progress.

That’s it. You have everything to open your awareness, see where you are holding yourself back, and get out of your way to make your life less complicated and more enjoyable. I know you’ve got this!

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